The HunterCare Family of Companies

At HunterCare Health, we take a whole-person community approach to care. In addition to giving individuals equitable access to health products and services, we build strong community partnerships that improve the health and well-being of the Oklahoma City area.

Over the last 20 years, HunterCare Health has grown to offer pharmacy, laboratory, behavioral health, and technology services that improve lives and outcomes.

Our Promise

We will continue to work toward better, more equitable care for all.

Behavioral Health

1 in 5 American adults experiences a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. These can range from mild to serious. HunterCare recognizes the need for strong behavioral healthcare programs. It’s our pleasure to offer compassionate care through our family of companies.

HunterCare Precision RX

Precision Rx is a closed-door pharmacy focused on delivering medication to customers with behavioral health conditions. Medication therapy management, counseling, and medication synchronization services are also available.


HunterCare Coordinated Care Health Solutions

Customers can complete lab work conveniently at Coordinated Care Health Solutions labs in community health centers throughout Oklahoma. We can test for medication compliance or cardiometabolic changes. The results are seamlessly delivered in electronic health records in real time. This allows prescribers to have more tailored conversations with their patients to help increase adherence to treatment plans.


HunterCare Med Care United

A common reason for not taking medication as prescribed is the cost. Med Care United is a charitable pharmacy that helps make medication more accessible. We use our community connections to get medication at a lower cost and pass that savings onto our customers.

HunterCare MyCare Technologies

Every police car in Oklahoma is equipped with an iPad provided by MyCare Technologies and loaded with Arete software. Using the tablet, with a touch of a button, a person in distress can receive counseling services from licensed professionals from anywhere. This helps de-escalate potentially dangerous situations and connects people in need to care. Not only does this prevent unnecessary arrest and legal costs, but it also saves lives.


HunterCare Arete

Software module designed to aid medical providers within medication assisted treatment center providers.

Metis QA Laboratory

Metis QA Laboratory is an industry-leading cannabis testing organization dedicated to developing and delivering the highest quality testing practices and protocols, designed to ensure the health and safety of consumers and the general public.

Retail Pharmacy

While HunterCare has grown and expanded, the original pharmacy still serves customers with the same care and attention as it did the day it opened.

HunterCare Specialty Pharmacy

HunterCare Specialty Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy with a mission to truly put customer’s needs first. Customers are always welcome to stay as long as they like. They are encouraged to ask questions until they understand their care. We also provide custom compounding and immunizations.


The HunterCare Difference

When we ask how someone is doing, we want to hear the answer. Our pharmacists thrive on solving problems and helping our customers with their medication plans. To better serve our customers, we offer free home delivery and easy-to-use packaging.