A Legacy of Care

In 2004, Jan and Jeff Hunter opened an independent retail pharmacy with a mission to truly put all customer’s needs first.

In an effort to meet the needs of their growing customer base, the Hunters invested in a state-of-the-art robotic system that exponentially increased their efficiency to fill customer prescriptions. The system fully interfaced with the pharmacy software system and was able to fill over two hundred of the most frequently prescribed medications, including counting, filling bottles, capping, and dropping in a patient holding bin with easy access for the final stage of prescription delivery. This allowed Jeff, the sole pharmacist to focus on interactions with customers and truly understand their needs.

That same pill-counting machine also earned media attention which shaped the future of HunterCare Health. It showed the healthcare community HunterCare’s willingness—and ability—to innovate and garnered the attention of the behavioral health community. The community’s healthcare providers turned to the Hunter’s for help meeting their increasing need for health services. Soon thereafter, HunterCare Health expanded to provide services to the underserved behavioral health community.

The Hunter’s quickly recognized that filling prescriptions was only one of many critical needs. Medications also had to be affordable, and people needed better access to labs and emergency mental health providers. It is from this holistic need and the Hunter’s compassionate commitment to making healthcare services accessible to all populations, that charted the course for HunterCare Health’s family of companies.

What began as a single customer-focused pharmacy has grown into a collaborative circle of care including:

  • Tailored pharmacy solutions for behavioral health and general pharmacy customers
  • Behavioral health closed-door laboratory and testing facilities
  • Behavioral health closed-door pharmacy
  • Integrated software solutions to meet behavioral health patient and provider needs
  • First-responder technology equipment and software solutions that provide immediate connection between behavioral health providers and those in emergency crisis

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of healthcare professionals who are committed to serving the community with respect.

Jeff Hunter, D.Ph., Co-Founder

Jeff earned his pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, after which he managed operations and developed best practices for the corporate pharmacy environment. His commitment to equitable health care for all led to his deep expertise in all aspects of behavioral health services and needs, a community which he has served for over thirty years. As a staunch supporter of safety, Jeff is involved at various levels of compliance, best practices and advocacy for the health of all Oklahomans.


Hunter J. Hogan III, D.Ph.

Hunter earned his pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He’s worked as a pharmacist since 1989. Hunter helped grow and expand pharmacies until he was supervising 51 stores in 5 states. Then he joined HunterCare in 2010 as pharmacy operations manager. Hunter helped HunterCare expand into the family of companies it is today. Hunter and his wife Cara have 6 children.


Steven W. Brecheen, D.Ph., Pharmacy Manager – HunterCare Precision Rx

Steve graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has over 40 years of pharmacy experience. He has a passion for assisting community mental health centers and other mental health organizations. His ongoing goal is to assist in providing therapeutic aid to individuals with mental health issues and to improve their lives.